Street-wise whiskey targets savvy working men with a need for something different yet familiar.

Comminicating with customers in a familiar tone was key.

Street Spirit.

A brand which encompasses both quality and culture. Their fine American whiskeys are set apart from the competition and typically appeal to working men with a cultured palette. Their identity required a human touch with a splash of quality and street spirit.

Driving Sales.

Research told me that the market were keen to explore alternative beverages but often felt overwhelmed by the more typical offerings found behind local bars and in stores. Through building an identity, bottle designs and careful advertising we were able to engage with their customer base at a comfortable level, establish a relationship with the market and drive sales.

How I Helped.

Research, research, research. Targetting customers in a tone which they understand was vital. Listening to their target market, what they like, dislike and want I was able to build an identity which they can utilitse to build familiarity with their customer base and continue to build upon in to the future.

  • Brand Identity
  • Full Design Services
  • Design Consoltation
  • Full Artwork Development
  • Print Advertising
  • Online Advertising


The brand has recently started to promote their new identity and have seen an enourmous sales boost. They are now planning on growing their range and getting more bottles listed in stores.

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