A brand which donates all of it’s post-tax profits to charity needs a website to shout about it.

Working closely with Blue Sheep Foods I developed a new website and a platform for them to promote their charitable donations as well as their products.

Pretty informative.

As well as looking pretty, this website needed to get a tonne of information across. We decided to use video as much as possible to promote their donations and get people listening. We’ve also worked on recipes, detailed ‘About’ pages, a news section as well as product pages and categories. Laid out in an easy to navigate structure and updated regularly, this website has been a great success for the client and really boosted their traffic since launching.

Engaging with new and established visitors.

We agreed early on that social media was going to be the best way to keep users engaged, as well as attracting new customers who may not have heard of the brand. Facebook and Twitter have proved very successful, and a Youtube channel hosts a variety of videos which also drives traffic towards the website.

How I Helped.

I helped Blue Sheep Foods to increase their presence on the internet by providing the following services.

  • Website Consultation
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Regular Updates
  • Web Hosting
  • Imagery & Video
  • Social Media Management


The new website has given Blue Sheep Foods a platform to encourage users to interact with the brand and ultimately to recognise their products in-store. Furthermore, users are regularly subscribing to their newsletters and receiving news and compeition updates.

Using this platform they are able to promote their charitable donations as well as their products.

Whether you’re a new business, have a great idea or need a website refresh, I’d be delighted to hear from you.