LLiverpool are (not just geologically) very close to my heart.

Helping a small company to solve big problems.

Traditional Scouse stew, anyone?!

Supermarkets don’t sell Scouse Stew. Not a lot of people know what scouse stew is. LLiverpool set out to put that right and I worked closely with them to provide a solid brand identity, food photography and packaging, a website and a range of design and marketing solutions to assist them wherever possible.

New challenges.

LLiverpool are a brand spanking new company and had never launched a product in to supermarkets before.

Throughout their meetings with the major retail outlets they found themselves coming out with more questions than answers.

Having worked with both established food brands in the past and with the major retail outlets I was able to offer assistance, key contacts and continued support to get LLiverpool products on the shelves.

How I Helped.

LLiverpool is a brand I’ve worked with continuously, providing everything from logo designs to a website and printed artwork.

  • Design Consoltation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Photography
  • Print-ready artworks
  • 3D Artist Impressions
  • Extensive Support


With eye-catching food packaging, an attractive and informative website, clean logo design and extensive support for both design and marketing solutions, I have helped LLiverpool to get their products listed in ASDA stores.. a great success for such a small company.

Whether you’re a new business, have a great idea or need a website refresh, I’d be delighted to hear from you.